These modules are designed to assist parents/caregivers in their new role as “Homeschool Administrators.” Most of us as parents have no experience in homeschooling and may find the whole thing very intimidating. As we move into the uncharted waters of extended time away from school.

The Arc of the Central Mountains wants to help parents/caregivers with helpful tools and tips to create a beneficial environment to learn from home. The school districts are creating an online or virtual education program and we want to offer suggestions on how families can also participate to reach success. This is in no way a substitute for curriculum, instruction or related services; that is still the responsibility of your school.

We are collaborating with experts in the field to provide their resources in the form of a video and corresponding outline in Spanish and English. These modules will be published on our Facebook Page for easy access to families. The modules will include:

  • Homeschooling 101
  • Behavior
  • Early Childhood
  • Physical Activity/Brain Breaks