CNI Cochlear Kids Camp
303-806-7416 Over the course of the 4-day/3-night weekend, family members will enjoy indoor and outdoor settings that are both recreational and educational. We invite you to join in the experience as you and your family members learn from each other while building strong and lasting connections both within and between families. Some of the activities that we have planned include team building, arts and crafts, nature walks, ropes course, climbing areas, games and more! Registration, release forms and reservation fees will be processed on a first-come, first-served basis. CNI is pleased to offer this camp at a cost of $250 from each family of up to 4 persons. Families of 5 or 6 members may share one room for an additional $100 per person in excess of 4. For example, a 5-person family would have a registration fee of $350 and a 6-person family would have a fee of $450. Families of more than 6 members should contact the CNI Cochlear Kids Camp Coordinator (Judith Stucky, 303-806-7416) for more information.